Most of the time there is a pretty definitive list from which we can gather our favorite ten songs. THIS TIME was a little different. Just imagine that you had the task of figuring out the best 10 tv sitcom themes of all time... it's a tough job. There are SOOOO many tunes that we would have loved to have put in this countdown and some of them made it in by t-shirt appearance only (we're looking at you Gilligan). 

Disclaimers aside, this ended up being a super fun medley and while we've had tons of requests for a "TV Themes" ACATOP10 we felt that keeping it in the realm of sitcoms was more "on brand" for us than say oh... Tales From The Crypt or The Killing. For now anyway.... mwahahahahaha! 

Let us know what you think of the countdown. Did we get it right or even close!? What theme song would YOU have put in this ACA TOP 10?

Geoff Castellucci