Panic! In Four Minutes: Part 1

We’ve been HUGE fans of Panic! At The Disco for quite a few years now, and with the release of "Pray For The Wicked”, we felt the time was right to revisit some of Brendon Urie’s incredibly melodic (and dramatic) music.  If you’ve seen our “PartWork” cover of “Death of a Bachelor” 

We had QUITE the little adventure filming this video - we shot it in Palatka, Florida (Yes, that’s a real place about 2 hours north of Orlando) at an old disused saw mill that smelled like a wet fart. Seriously, it was super gross.  We all had to peel the outer layers of our skin off and wash our lungs out with bleach after the shoot to get clean from all the dirt and grime, but the end result looks AMAZING. 

We ALSO had some help from our friends at MCA/MorphStore who very convincingly beat us up with a make up brush so that we’d look less like our handsome selves and more like we’d had a rough night on the town and woken up next to a pile of explosives ready to go off at any second. 

We’ve all been there, am I right?

ALSO (and probably most importantly) we’re releasing this video as 2 parts. We’ve never really split a video up like this before so we’ll have to play it by ear a little. No pun intended. 

That’s all for now so ENJOY, THANK YOU, and please LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!