Introducing J.None !!!

If you’ve been listening to our music over the past few months, or if you’ve been to one of our shows, or if you follow us on social media, then you’ve been enjoying the extraordinary voice and incredible talent of J.None. 

J is one of our favorite people on Earth and today we’re thrilled to FINALLY announce that J is OFFICIALLY the new singer in VoicePlay. 

Our search for a 5th voice spanned across the country, around the world, hours and hours and hours of auditions (with some super talented folks, BTW) and it’s finally over. WOOT! 

J’s special combination of vocal talent, charm, and general insanity (in a good way), are a triple threat that has to be seen, heard, and experienced to believe. We hope you’ll join us in giving J the warm welcome he deserves after such a long search. 

We’re hitting the ground running, so brace yourself for some super fun, brand new VoicePlay goodness coming your way soon. 

Welcome to the next chapter of VoicePlay.